University of Minnesota
Office of Human Resources

Help for Employee Self-Service

Pop-up Windows

When selected, Self-Service Actions on the ESS home page appear in a new window. Do not turn off or block pop-up windows, or you will not be able to see the Self-Service Actions. If you need help with pop-up windows, contact your department's IT support or call 1-HELP. You can also go to the Self-Service Action Information page and select a Self-Service Action there, which will not open in a new window.

Accessibility of Self-Service Actions

If you have require accessibility accommodations for the Benefits Enrollment or Benefits Summary Self-Service Actions, contact Employee Benefits at 612-624-9090. For assistance with other Self-Service Actions, contact Payroll Services at 612-625-2016.

Availability of Self-Service Actions

Self-Service Actions are not available during the following days/times:

  • Monday-Saturday, 4-6 a.m.
  • Sunday, 4 a.m.-1 p.m.

Printing Information

How a page will look when printed varies by the browser used, print settings, and screen resolution chosen by each individual. Pay Statements and other Self-Service Actions will also print differently based on what information appears, which varies from person to person.

You can adjust how a page prints by going to the File > Page Setup menu in your browser, and adjusting the margins to allow more information to appear on a page. Some browsers, such as recent versions of Netscape and Firefox, have a "Shrink to Fit" feature that automatically fits information onto a page.

You can also select to print certain pages, such as only the first page, from the Print menu page.

How to Log-in to the Self-Service Actions

To log-in to the Self-Service Actions, you will need to know your University Internet ID and password. If you don't know your University Internet ID or password, call the number listed for your campus.

Campus Resource Telephone
Computing Services Help Desk 218-281-8000
Information Technologies Systems & Services 218-726-8847
Computing Services Help Desk 320-589-6391
Twin Cities
Technology Helpline 612-301-4357 (1-HELP)

How to Log-out of the Self-Service Actions

Once you are done accessing your information, do not forget to log-out, or someone else may use this browser session on your behalf. There are four ways to log-out:

  • Return to the Internet Login Successful screen and use the Logout button.
  • Return to the Employee Self-Service main page and click the Logout button
  • Close ALL browser application windows.
  • From any browser window, go to